How We Appear

I’ve a photograph of myself taken in Whitworth Park, Manchester. It was around about 1962 and my two flat mates and I decided we would have a picnic in the park since it was a sunny day. It felt like a holiday. Photographs can bring the past into the present with interesting insight into the person one once appeared to be. Every now and then I come across that ’60s pic and marvel. I looked like every other girl of the time; skirt length, hair, pose, expression and an air of confidence which did not match how I felt at the time. (Just in case you’re wondering…no I’m not going to publish that photograph here. Even if I could find it!)

Dear Photographtake a picture of a picture, from the past, in the present is a photography project with a difference. Maybe I’ll take my 1960’s photograph back to Whitworth Park next time I’m in Manchester and take a photograph of it.

The image of me walking in open country to be found at the top of the side bar was taken in 2010 in Edmonton Canada. I remember walking along in the wind as a joyous time, with a very different interior to the 1960’s girl.

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2 thoughts on “How We Appear”

    1. Thanks Chris for wondering out loud. I’ve added a note into the text and adjusted the sentence at the end of the post. Hopefully that will help people to understand the point of the post. That’s how we appear, in photographs or ‘live’, does not include our felt sense of who or what we are at the time. Obvious really. I guess the post is a reflection on not ‘judging a book by it’s cover’ (self or other), or even on it’s contents…both are constantly changing. Now I am reminded of a project I did with teens on self image using photography.

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