Slow Change

Movement in the dark.
Movement in the dark.

My teacher, Rev. Master Jiyu-Kennett would make a point of not having the leaves of plants pressed up against a wall or hard surface. Plants had to have space around them. I never asked why, I just made sure to follow what she asked.

Last night I left those two leaves to the right in the picture slightly touching the wall to see what would happen. This morning I found them broken free! I had to smile. Non of us, no living thing, likes to be up against a wall where it seems no matter which way you turn change is obstructed. But in truth it isn’t. Like the plant growth and change and movement is taking place imperceptibly. Sometime in the night those leaves broke free from the wall. Suddenly. Gradual movement leading to a sudden change in orientation. Trouble is when sudden change happens in life, a change which can be seen and felt it is all to easy to exclaim, To fast! And recoil. Conversely during those times of growth in the dark one can come to believe, Nothing’s ever going to change! Then not notice as it does.

The plant silently gets on with its life, moving and shifting according to its way and the conditions it is living within. We can do the same.

This is for all those who feel themselves to be hindered, generally or specifically. Acknowledging that can bring about your leaves shifting off the wall. So to speak!

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