In Memory of Rosemary Dyke – RIP

It seems fitting to post this short video with the animal cemetery in the foreground on the occasion of remembering Rosemary Dyke. She was devoted to animal welfare having ‘rescued’ and lived with numerous cats and dogs as well as feeding a tribe of ferel cats in Mount Shasta every day. For years.

Rosemary died in Mount Shasta surrounded by her friends yesterday, having had Psunomia several times in the past weeks, possibly months. I could say so much about dear Rosemary; her dedication to practice, doing the Shasta Abbey town trips, running the Dharma Tape program in the late 1990s.

I’m left with the image of her standing just inside of the door of the ceremony hall at Shasta handing out scripture books on Sunday mornings. With great kindness. She was everybody’s friend.

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5 thoughts on “In Memory of Rosemary Dyke – RIP”

  1. Oh no, I’m so sorry to hear Rosemary is gone. She was such a wonderfully kind person. I will offer her merit to have an easy transition.

  2. She was certainly my friend, and I loved/love Rosemary very much. I’m grieving the fact that I will not see her or talk with her again in this life. Otherwise, I feel joy and gratitude for her friendship and sharing training over the years.
    Thank you for remembering her here.
    The Bodhisattva of Cats is (as ever) in her True Home!

  3. That is just how I remember her, Rev. Master Mugo. And when it was time for the Dharma talk, she would claim a seat in the front row. Thank you for your post.

  4. I will so miss Rosemary. Every time I came to the Abbey she was there with a smile, a welcome, and her great sense of humor. So kind over all the years I have gone to retreats. What an example for me of selflessness and humility.

  5. Rosemary truly was everyone’s friend. I admired her greatly for her depth of practice and dedication to a life of service to all beings. She was a warm and wonderful human being. RIP dear Rosemary.

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