A Merit Request – Struggling for Life

This evening I received a Transfer of Merit request for somebody struggling to remain alive having contracted COVID-19 some weeks ago. They have been on and then off, and on again a ventilator and their organ system is struggling. I’ll not give the name for reasons of privacy. Merit appreciated. This is a doctor on the front line.
The following article is salutary:

On rounds in a 20-bed intensive care unit one recent day, physician Joshua Denson assessed two patients with seizures, many with respiratory failure and others whose kidneys were on a dangerous downhill slide. Days earlier, his rounds had been interrupted as his team tried, and failed, to resuscitate a young woman whose heart had stopped. All shared one thing, says Denson, a pulmonary and critical care physician at the Tulane University School of Medicine. “They are all COVID positive.”

Science Mag – How does Coronavirus Kill?

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