It Happens

Here is part of a letter from a reader:
Hi, Something in your blog reminded me of when I lived in the boonies. While walking in (from the road) one day, the snow was just starting to melt, I noticed something beautiful off in the brush. It was a soda can someone had tossed. What was interesting was my reaction. The beauty was still there and it was a soda can. At the time it reminded me of a peacocks feather. To this day, for some reason, (the sight of) discarded cans can bring on a certain appreciation.

In a similar vein I remember well one winter afternoon going into the parking lot at Shasta Abbey. The snow was melting and turning to slush. My usual way would have been to pick across this unpleasant sea with revulsion. Not so this particular time. To my great amazement what I saw was perfection, an icy beauty in the grey ugliness! Yes, and coming upon slushy streets has not been the same since.

It would seem that this ‘seeing with new eyes’ comes unbidden and is probably not an uncommon experience or particularly Buddhist or ‘spiritual’. It just happens.

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2 thoughts on “It Happens”

  1. That is the joy of making art, the REALLY LOOKING and seeing things for what they actually are, rather than what we think they are or should be.
    Art as an aid to training – or – training making one more perceptive? Or both? An interesting question.

  2. It is an amazing experience. It can happen with the aches and pains of illness, too. I am not sure I would have been attuned to it had I not been engaged in Zen practice.

    Thank you for your site and your practice.

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