Tourist Bewilderment Devices

Antony Gormley, the artist who produced the Angel of the North, photo above, is currently showing tourist bewilderment devices (TBDs) on roof tops in London…

The installation, called Event Horizon, consists of 31 sculptures cast from the artist’s own body. Gormley’s clone army will be placed atop buildings and public walkways in Westminster, Lambeth and Camden. Gormley told the BBC he wanted “to recognise that…over 50% of the human population on this planet now live within the city…a totally constructed humanly made environment and what that means.”

If you are in London there is an exhibition of Antony Gormley’s work, titled Blind Light, at the South Bank Center. The event ends August 19th.

See also Another Place, Crosby Beach, Liverpool.

Apparently in a documentary Antony Gormley indicated he has a background interest in Buddhism. I’m starting to warm to art in the landscape.

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One thought on “Tourist Bewilderment Devices”

  1. Hi Rev Mugo,

    I really like Gormley’s work ever since I saw his exhibit “Field of the British Isles” at the Liverpool Tate Modern 9the one with all those little clay figures)

    The critics have been a little sniffy about his latest exhibition but a work colleague has seen it and said the figures on the city landscape was very moving.

    I read an article a few years ago, i think in tricycle magazine, that said he’d travelled around india/sri lanka in the seventies and had also been on a goenka vipassana 10 day retreat.

    I hope to see the angel of the north “in the flesh” one day. my family is from wigan, and my sister has said we can have a day trip out to crosby next time i am up.


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