Japanese Cat Wins First Prize For…?

Thanks to Do They Hurt blog for this link.
And thanks to animals; reminding us to play, to dare to be plain ridiculous and to remain dignified in the midst.

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3 thoughts on “Japanese Cat Wins First Prize For…?”

  1. I love the way the back legs splay out once inside the carton. I am always amused by the way few cats appear to have a sense of humour &, as you say, find ways to keep their dignity in the daftest situations. My current cat does seem to have a sense of humour – he’s the first one I’ve known to have that. It doesn’t stop him biting me if I go too far in offending his dignity though.

  2. How do people arrange for cats to do such things in the presence of camera?

    Congratulations to this one! Playing with cats is a wonderful way to contribute to one’s own well-being as well as that of others.

  3. Rebecca my partner, has taken inspiration from this idea of being dignified while looking ridiculous as she leaps and pirouettes around the Lowry this evening – rehearsing for a contemporary performance next week.


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