Letter To A Visitor

Too bad I’m not there to see you.
As they will have mentioned, ‘Mugo is away’.
Please leave a comment, send an email.
I’m sad we didn’t meet, another time perhaps.
And while I’m at it, all you readers from afar.
Your presence is ever present, as it were.

I’ll be back at Throssel late Sunday evening. Many thanks to all those who have housed, fed and transported me these past few days.

Last night Lancaster, tonight Preston and tomorrow Manchester. How I love to touch base there again, if but briefly.

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2 thoughts on “Letter To A Visitor”

  1. It were lovely to meet you at Throssel Rev Master. What a beautiful web site. I’ll be pulling up a chair if I may. Gassho.

  2. Thanks Dave, Yep! Pull up that chair and take a look at the posts around April, May and June 2005 if you like to read about my travels in East Asia.

    Come back soon, and often.

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