Jazzy and Bailey

Ok, so Pugs are an acquired taste. Jazzy, who you have been looking at these past, far too many, days is a personality plus bundle of energy. I met her while in Edmonton, she wriggles she plays and she snorts. I enjoyed her very much. Multum in parvo, “a lot in a small space”, describes pugs perfectly.

The subject of dogs working in a therapeutic setting, nursing homes and the like, came up while we were chatting at the group on Sunday. Here is a group in Canada looking for four footed ones to volunteer and here is a dog, Bailey, who already does. (I’m really glad the story of this volunteering dog has been told for a wider audience.)

Thank you Edmonton people, it has been a great pleasure to know you. With Jazzy and Bailey having the last bark I’ll turn towards life here in Northern England, where I will probably remain for at least a year. That’s unless something unexpected crops up, which has me packing my bags again…

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