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Desolation Sound morning
From the bottom of the garden of the house where I am currently staying. Early morning mist clearing. Then later in the afternoon at a massive 200 ft above sea level.

View from Sally Rock.
View from Sally Rock.

I’m so very fortunate to have five nights in a cabin on Cortes Island offered me where the sun is shining out of a clear blue sky and a sighting of Dolphins said to be a sign of good luck! It took me around six hours by road and two ferries from Victoria to reach the island and by the time I got here I really felt like I was on an adventure.

Over the desk where I am typing is the following quote:

Out beyond the
idea of
wrong doing
and right doing
there is a field
I’ll meet you There

Please join me, at least in your imagination, in this magical place.

These past couple of weeks I’ve been with the Vancouver Island Zen Sangha and visiting Rev. Master Meiten who is rehabilitating from a fall. All good thoughts for the sangha and for Rev. Master Meiten.

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11 thoughts on “Join Me Here”

  1. Hi Rev. Mugo;
    I have been watching your blog with anticipation. What a beautiful place to spend a bit of time.
    Best wishes and bows;

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