Words In Repose

Words sing from my heart
Like air in the feathers
of a bird in flight.

What Joy!

Words can land
Take form.
You said where there’s wind
there’s ‘hot air’.

Hum, what’s that mean?

The bird folds
her airy wings?
Hot air condenses
Onto the cool page?

Ah! Rest, repose.

This is a start
standing in the kitchen
making marks.

Need, lunch.

This is for Gerry with unbounded gratitude for your writing encouragement. Yes. OK. You said I have an ‘ear’ for words, I bow to your long life experience. I heard you, every word. And saw your smile too. Thank you. No ‘landing’ is every happy (for long), just presents new challenges. Good fortune.

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3 thoughts on “Words In Repose”

  1. I trust your Cortes sojourn continues to fill you up with bliss. There is something magical about islands with white mountain peaks in the distance, kind of like a frosting of lace around the edges of the world. Very much enjoyed tea and talk with you, especially as I am now alighting into a new home and will make the best of it. Be well, keep warm and dry, and enjoy what remains of our wonderful early spring…until it springs a leak! This is a rain forest after all.

    Best regards, Gerry

    1. Land softly and kindly Gerry. Hope to see you again before I leave the island….and especially before the sky leaks! I will have enough of that back in the UK.

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