A devotee of the Dharma and friend within the sangha died yesterday morning.
She was a Buddhist. Devoted, caring, giving and elegant. And while I feel sad right now I know it will not last. Not for me not for anybody. People will grieve, family and friends especially. First sadness and then within that joy! There is no explaining, save that we sit where seeming opposites, such as life and death, lose their ordinary meaning.

I think my friend would like the music to be found in this video. Watch, listen, smile and be moved. And have a good day. Hopefully with good company and that includes yourself.

This is for Deborah and her family.

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4 thoughts on “Joy/Sadness”

  1. We have placed her name and family on our home altar right next to the picture of my Mom who passed away earlier this year. All good thoughts to the family. Each day before meditation I say for my father: “May he be happy, may he be at peace, may he find strength.” That is also my prayer for them.

  2. …and even before you recite your wish…the same message comes. You know this, and sometimes ‘saying a prayer’ helps too.

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