Just One Right Attitude of Mind

There is an article on the Lions Gate Priory website titled ‘Reaching’. The author speaks of the struggle with chronic-pain and of insights into practice gained as a consequence. Here is the first paragraph and a bit of the second to give you an idea of the article:

“I’ve been living with chronic-pain for a long time. It originated from a bad fall and has become worse with time, probably overlapping with the aches and pains that come with age. Lately, physical pain has slowed me down. With being slowed down, I often find myself horizontal, letting my mind drift. At first I criticized myself for doing this, and then, when I didn’t find the will to change, I thought well I’ll just watch my mind drift then.

Lately I’ve been mindful as I mentally drift, which might sound contradictory but, in my experience, it isn’t necessarily a contradiction…..”

Tomorrow I plan to go to Elk Island, a local National Park, and I’ll take a day off from blogging too. Back on Tuesday.

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