Keeping One’s Head

From highways to byways – High Cup Nic

Motorway driving just brings home the need to be vigilant, but not pumped with adrenaline hopefully! That would be no way to live a life. Yes, the potential for chaos to break out, at any time in any place, is ever present. The consequences of a moment of inattention might not be as dramatic as when on the motorway. There are consequences none the less. Keeping one’s head, sitting still within the midst of conditions if you like, when the way forward is obscured, confused, chaotic is…wise practice. To say the least. And one gets better at it with practice. From Motorway Driving – Field Of Merit.

A group of us did a circular walk yesterday. The high point was gazing down this amazing valley.

My Throssel walking companion took this photograph. Thanks for sharing.

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4 thoughts on “Keeping One’s Head”

  1. I like this picture very much, which leads me to wonder whether some images could be made “clickable”, so that they could be enjoyed at larger screen size. Of course I gloss over the additional work required!!

    Having no idea where High Cup Nick was, I looked up it on Google maps – impressive even from above. I need to get out more.


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