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There is a limit to how much we can predict the future. Chaos theory tells us that everything affects everything else, and this is very evident in many complex work environments. This does not mean we have to surrender to anarchy but it does suggest another reason for relaxing attempts to control the future. Many traditional cultures recognise the usefulness of being lost. To be lost is to be at a place where previous methods of finding
the way are no longer working. This is a call to find new ways of moving forward. The act of being lost requires us to let go of previous beliefs and this creates a space in which new ideas
can arise. What often happens in this situation is that we start to look around us in a new way. We might re-look at the information we have, or talk to people we have not spoken to for a while, or simply create some space to reflect on the situation. In doing this our understanding can deepen and we can gain new insights into the situation.

This is an extract from ‘Kind Leadership’ by Neil Rothwell, Chapter 7 Letting Go of Control.

Neil, who is based in Edinburgh, Scotland is a member of the Buddhist sangha connected with the order I am part of. This book is available to read on Kindle, at £1.95. I was hard-pressed to choose a quote from this packed-full of useful and insightful practical information and advice. Where ever you are and whatever your ‘position’ there is something in this book to benefit from.  No doubt about that.

Thank you, Neil, I can’t say enough good things about what you have written and offered.

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