Lamb Rescue on West Side of Great Gable – Video

Ricky Lightfoot @rickylightfoot was the chap who rescued the lamb on the West side of Great Gable when we were there, scrambling about, on May 31st. Little did we know he was wearing a GoPro. The video is edited down to just under 5 minutes but the rescue probably took longer. To date the video has had over 36,000 views. Watching Ricky in action is the closest most of us will get to knowing what it’s like to clamber about on a fell side in what looks like extremely exposed (potentially dangerous) conditions. He is fell running royalty (but I could be wrong) and in my book a Bodhisattva, tah boot.

Can you spot the lamb and the man? Towards right of middle.
Can you spot the lamb and the man? Towards right of middle.

The chap stopped on his way down the scree to pass the time of day and answer my (predictable) question. What are you doing with that lamb? Taking it down to the farm, he replied but it looks like the lamb found its mother before reaching bottom. According to the video, right at the end.

And here is the video I recorded at the end of the day where I mention the lamb rescuing incident. We were impressed.

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2 thoughts on “Lamb Rescue on West Side of Great Gable – Video”

    1. Brilliant video isn’t it Allie. Makes me think about strapping on one of those GoPro’s when I’m traveling and visiting Buddhist sites or just meeting people, as I do, along the way. I always want to share what I’m seeing and doing with the Sangha and the GoPro would do the job. I guess. Anyway no plan to travel far away at the moment. Thanks for leaving this message, it’s always so good to know you are there still reading here.

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