On Fragrant Hill – Grant Remembered

Grant died on the 27th August 2014 in Vancouver, Canada. This video is remembering him and his impact on the people he worked with in the mental health field and his Buddhist friends and friends generally too. So sorry about the sound quality. It’s not easy to record out of doors on a phone. In the wind.

And Michele takes a Merit Walk remembering her dear husband. Wondering about our tendency to remember people while outdoors walking in the hills and Dales. Perhaps in Grants case he loved to be out and up in the mountains, wind in hair. So that’s where Michele and I took ourselves on the day of his death. To places he would have loved to be, remembered. He was a fit chap, long-limbed and with a long torso. He could cover ground at breath taking speed. Up and down Mt. Shasta in a blink of an eye. He was here with us, and gone, in a blink of an eye.

Here is a quote,  a moment of uplift, on the day his widow and  friends join together and hold a Memorial  Service in Vancouver, Canada on this very day.

Know that it is by the means of the self that we find the Buddha Nature. Know that it is by the gateway of the body that we find the spirit. Do not be concerned with places and things, with heavens and hells; do not be attached to your training: Gyatei, gyatei, haragyatei, going on, going on, always going on to the Fragrant Hill; Ten thousand miles in a flash of an eye.
-Rev. Master Jiyu Kennett

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4 thoughts on “On Fragrant Hill – Grant Remembered”

  1. Dear Mugo
    A beautiful film for your friend.
    Thank you for sharing this.
    Please would you be so kind as to offer merit for my aunt Nina who is recovering from an operation. Also my very brave friend Ellie who had to fly home to the UK to have the shunt in her head replaced, so is convalescing.
    Thank you for your blog always so good to see your photography & read your blogs.
    With love
    Nic Yaffey

  2. Hi Rev. Mugo;
    Again, I struggle to fully express my appreciation. I put a link to your wonderful video and teaching on my blog – I had a lot of people express interest in seeing your post, from within the lay sangha here and beyond. The memorial for Grant went so well yesterday. Rev. Valora was celebrant as you know. The oh- so – ordinary living room of my home was transformed into a place of light. Much like when Grant was dying actually. This is, to my mind, the visible manifestation of sangha, lay and monastic together. Thank you, thank you. Bows from over here. Michele

    1. Oh my goodness!! I can see it now your living room of light. Today and in those last days I spent with you and Grant a certain kind of light prevailed. Indeed he is and remains My Luminous Friend, as do you Michele.

      Thanks for linking and I encourage those who visit to leave a comment remembering Grant.

  3. Hi Rev Mugo,
    On behalf of myself and my mom ,Elaine we would like to express our sincere thanks for your beautiful tribute to Grant , my brother , beloved son to mom. He indeed was a very special soul who touched the life of many in a very special way. We know he would have loved walking with you on fragrant hill. Always in our hearts . ❤️
    Cheryl Murphy

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