Leaves Fest

Rarely do I pause and get up close to observe patterns, shapes and textures. Now these frost covered leaves, isolated and framed, show their delicate beauty. In each frame dead leaves, with green life there also.

It’s been a good day. A walk up to the ‘trig’ point high up on the moor above the monastery. Mist covered the Tyne Valley floor and by afternoon we were enveloped in freezing fog. That too has its beauty.

Whether it is cold or blazing hot where you are, if you are alone or in company I hope you have had a good day. To be followed by many more good days.

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2 thoughts on “Leaves Fest”

  1. Hi Rev. Mugo..it is a good day today! We’ve spent the past three days with family and relatives and today, it is a holiday in Germany, we have the day to ourselves! I was trying to think what to teach my students tomorrow and through next week and every year I do a quiz of the events of the year. It can be a bit dark seeing what the news holds as “newsworthy”, but I came across a website that is a lot of fun. They don’t deny the importance of all the “bad” news, but they would like to also show all the good. I’m not sure maybe you already know it, but here it is:


    Ah, the sun just came out and the frost on the old houses shimmers!

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