Planning a Buddhist Funeral

Following a request to talk about Buddhist Funerals I took a look around and found this article partly written by Rev. Saido Kennaway of Telford Buddhist Priory. He is a senior priest of our Order. It’s a gem in terms of resources and ideas for planning a funeral.
That’s it for to-day.
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6 thoughts on “Planning a Buddhist Funeral”

  1. Many thanks for this link, Rev Mugo. It will repay careful study, I think.

    I have been an occasional visitor for a while and have been getting more regular.

    In gassho


  2. Ian, This link is really only for starters. I’d like to write something myself however at the moment spare time is not something there is a lot of. Retreat guests came this evening.

    Glad you come and visit and maybe I’ll find myself south of here sometime next year. Who knows?

  3. Interesting article. I’ve often wondered how come Buddhism seemed to end up with a monopoly on funerals in Japan whilst State Shinto got all the weddings. Is there such a thing as a Soto tradition buddhist wedding?

  4. Immediately realising what a lazy question that was, I did a quick google – so Buddha didn’t feel that weddings should be a religious ceremony?

  5. Hi Rev. Mugo,

    Got your response to my post. I was wondering if you could expand on your warning against being hasty; is it something that you yourself have found important, or an issue for would-be monks in general, or did you feel it applied to me specifically? Just trying to get all the clues I can – after 6 months of serious thought, still feel a little in the dark.



  6. Hi Dad, In our Order we offer a religious ceremony for weddings, not all Buddhist organizations do though. For those who do it there is a deeply religious meaning to the vows that are taken.

    Duncan, I think I’d advise anybody to not be hasty, especially around making big steps in life. I will leave it at that since I do not feel entirely comfortable about writing in public about a matter that is personal and private. Please feel free to take Refuge via email.

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