Leaving Comments

It was most gratifying to receive an email from somebody today. She said,
There was a moment today to read your blog and I found it uplifting and
amazing to be so in touch with where you are – even though I tend to think
‘real life is too short for reading blogs’.

There you have it. Just one such message, letting me know that visiting Jademountains makes a difference, has me uplifted and inspired to writing. Being in touch is a two way street and I always like to hear from readers either via email and or via comments. So please don’t hang back, leave a comment. (I moderate comments so you will not see what you said until I’ve had a chance to read the comments.) Just saying something simple like, I’m here still means I get a feel for the people who are reading and that in turn has an impact on what I write about.

I’ve just updated my schedule by the way.

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9 thoughts on “Leaving Comments”

  1. So many, many times your blog resonates with me and is that “aha” moment, breathing space into the day. So many more times I am unable to post as the kids need something, but you have provided the pressure cooker release on many a day. Thank you!
    In gassho, Rachel

  2. Your blog is on my iGoogle so whenever I open Google, you are the first thing on the upper left and I get a summary of your blog posts. I don’t comment often but I’m here! Thank you for your blog! A

  3. Hi Reverend Mugo

    I appreciate your blog and read it regularly, though I have not previously left any comments. You may or not be aware of the Blogisattva awards, here is a link to them
    Anyway, my thoughts on the Jade Mountains website are captured in the nomination of Jade Mountains for the Blog of the Year awards as follows.
    “Jade Mountains is the blog of Reverend Master Mugo, a senior monk from the Order of Buddhist Contemplatives. R.M. Mugo’s posts are a fairly eclectic mix that includes video diaries, photographs and links to other media. I sense that the Blog engages her readership in a very positive and inclusive manner. The material on the blog is presented in a visually pleasant way that frequently a source of further reflection or enquiry.”
    I have nominated Jade Mountains for the Blog of the year and one or two other categories. I don’t know much about the awards themselves but assume that they are just a bit of fun that may have some spin-off benfits in raising awareness of buddhist blogs.
    Anyroad, thanks for the site.
    In gratitude

  4. Hi Reverend Mugo,

    I hope all’s well.

    Been watching your vids !!
    A daily check to see what’s new!
    Thanks for keeping going with it.

    A year ago today that you did some ironing for me!

    With best wishes,

    In gassho,


  5. Hello Reverend Mugo. I just saw your latest entry about leaving comments so that you know we’re still here – and so I am. I’m still here. I regularly check in to see your blog and find it ….find it what? Now I’m struggling to describe how I ‘find’ it, isn’t that daft? It should be simple to say. But the word is not ‘interesting’ or ‘useful’ or ‘helpful’ and yet it is all of those things. Ah well, it’s not something to be agonising over is it? Just I check in regularly, and it ..resonates. Close enough. It would be great to meet you again sometime, just for a chat you know.

    Best of wishes to you, in This Joyful Place, Reverend!
    Gassho. ROSS

  6. I’m still here reading Jade Mountains and still wearing my Bodhi leaf pendant often…both are very much appreciated! Summer seems to be flying by, it’s a bit “Fall-ish” here today in far Northern California. Safe travels, Rev. Mugo.



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