Little Left To Say


mud and blossoms
fall away and
wood is stacked
and there’s little
left to say.

the bell is rung
in joyful
proclamation of
life times
fallen away.

yes a rare moment
of reflection
on This and
there’s little
left to say.

For the woman who stitched this verse and for her family.

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2 thoughts on “Little Left To Say”

  1. So good to hear from you. Thank you. It seems we are heading into ‘talking time’ together as an Order mega style. And so Ryokan’s poem and my sort of comment poem that follows comes at the start of our reflections together. I’m up for talking with my fingers, and with my mouth, and listening with all of me. – However on a certain level ‘there is little left to say’. Can’t explain why I say that.

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