Lights For All

How jolly! These trees get my vote out here in Lancashire where just down the road at St. Michaels the community suffered a major flooding. All here promises a fine day with sun showing. Shyly. What ever age holiday lights can’t fail to bring uplift. Can they?

Two children ran playing on the path as I stepped out into the brisk air to snap this photograph. Adding bounce and vitality. But as with the smile so too with the ‘bounce’. One does not need to skip and hop to convey a sense of liveliness. Not at all. Not preoccupied by what has been or what is yet to come let loose your eyes to let light in. Through each and every pore.

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5 thoughts on “Lights For All”

  1. I love holiday lights too. And so does my young cat, Miles. He loves them so much that we have to string them near the ceiling out of his reach. And no tree this year, the temptation of the decorations were too much for teenage Miles and we didn’t want to spend a month or so yelling “no!” followed by a loud crash. Still we are enjoying the season . May all be safe and well and may you have a Happy New Year, RM Mugo.

    1. How wise you are Jeannine. Taking care of ones peace of mind over the holidays has to be a priority, cat or no cat to contend with. Yes, Happy holidays and Happy New Year to come to you.

  2. Pretty. I like the colours. I’ll try and find some for next year. I have a tree in the garden just coming up to Christmas light maturity !
    Have a lovely Christmas and I wish you and all fellow members of the Sangha a Happy New Year.

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