Surrender to Life – Audio

I gave a talk on the theme of Surrender to the Leeds Meditation Group 19th December, 2015. We were all sitting in formal meditation and I’d recommend you listen while not doing anything else.  I had it in mind before I started I’d publish it here for you all and hope you are able to listen OK.

Nearly the end of today, Christmas Day. And here at Throssel in Northumberland it started to snow in the afternoon. Hardly the lovely white fluffy stuff, more sopping wet grey blanket. It was a moment to see it though. Happy holidays to one and all. If the audio doesn’t work for you let me know via the contact page. Please.

Dreaming of....not quite this!
Dreaming of….not quite this!
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5 thoughts on “Surrender to Life – Audio”

  1. This is great. Just like I’m there and you are here. I don’t know why, but it leads me to imagine the Buddha leaning down to touch the earth when Mara demands “what makes you think you can be a Buddha?”

    1. Very dear Edera. I have been thinking of you so much these past weeks. So it is especially wonderful to hear from you and to know you listened to the talk.

  2. Thank you. From the deep silence of County Meath,Ireland.
    Lovely to listen to before bedtime. Peace upon the pillow.

  3. Thanks for sharing your talk. Your imagery of surrendering to the water so as to be able to float peacefully really brings home the message of ‘letting go’ and not frantically grasping for things, thoughts, …… Thanks again!

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