Within The Limitless Hut

Top of the West Allen valley looking towards Coalclough

Man sees off the old year
and welcomes the new year,
marking the demarcation by himself.
In the same playful manner
man takes off the mask of delusion
and puts on the mask of realization.
Such a make-believe is not agreeable to this monk,
he enjoys eternity in his limitless hut,
as he does not wear any kind of mask.
Every day is new and happy to him.
January 1st, 1957 – Nyogen Senzaki

A New Year
what to say.
This poem
and rescued

Seeing you, within the limitless hut!

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12 thoughts on “Within The Limitless Hut”

    Celebratory fireworks just woke me up. Just after midnight dozens of strange Chinese lanterns floating hundreds of feet up glowing in the black night sky, like silent UFOs.
    Never seen that before, what a display.

  2. merrily new year to you too. Glad you liked the poem. The ‘limitless hut’ just said it for me. Limitless van perhaps?

  3. I’ve had lots of compliments on the photograph on the front page. Credit goes to you of course. I doubt if what I wrote was a poem but it did seem to work. When I read it to the Reverend who passed on the real poem, he laughed. In a friendly sort of way of course.

  4. John, that sounds amazing. What a sight. I love Chinese lanterns. Yes, and happy new year to you. Stay warm down there. The south has had a real winter this year and it isn’t over until spring time!

  5. Thankyou very much for the poem Reverend Mugo and may the New year be for you as a breeze on a sunny day. In gassho, Harry.

  6. Thanks Harry – a breeze on a sunny day! What a thought – and ’tis a sunny day right now. Must go out and enjoy it.

  7. Happy New Year as well Rev. Master Mugo. It was high 60’s today in Phoenix….but I remember the cold! (And will be heading back that way soon myself I am afraid.) I hope 2011 brings many happy moments of practice for you.

    _/\_ Enida

  8. Went through my day with your name coming in and out of my mind. There was a comment, but where is it? Well, now I’ve found you thank goodness.

    Thank you very much for your well wishes for 2011. Consider them returned to you, triple strength. May the rigors of cold and wind bring robust health and long roots.

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