Little Enjoyments

"I would simply like to reclaim an old and, alas, quite unfashionable private formula: Moderate enjoyment is double enjoyment. And: Do not overlook the little joys!"

Above words by Hermann Hesse (July 2, 1877–August 9, 1962) from a 1905 essay titled “On Little Joys,” found in My Belief: Essays on Life and Art – now out of print.

Yes, the sight of Blackberries in the hedges. The Buzzard’s cry. The smell of a second hand bookshop! Little enjoyments. Indeed.

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5 thoughts on “Little Enjoyments”

  1. Yes, mine are the aroma of coffee in the morning, the heat on the feet of my hot water bottle at night, and , most of all the sight of my neighbour at the door holding up a fistful of green beans for me!

  2. The smell of a used bookstore, ah one of the most enjoyable along with aroma of coffee and the morning greeting of my pups.
    So many small joys.
    And reading your posts. Joy and insights.

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