A Well Ventilated – Field

These ‘difficult times’
bring random opportunities
to meet in
‘interesting’ ways

48 hours in the Derbyshire Dales in a huge field; variously under blinking stars, fluffy clouds, grey skys. And last evening an atmospheric hill top sunset – pitched up beside a motor home from Antwerp. A rare opportunity to meet with lay sangha for refuge, and renewal.

What fun, what joy our long chats, interrupted by short naps, and laughter, and flying insects and crawling ones too. I am no stranger, from decades ago, to camping. Which is just as well. Ah! the, well ventilated, great outdoors!

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6 thoughts on “A Well Ventilated – Field”

  1. So spacious, it looks like you are by the ocean!! We are off on Thursday for some of that ‘ventilation’ as well… airs out the brain as well!

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