Little House Lives On

Little House in the Paddy is the place where Iain shared his ideas and kept records of his life in Japan. Writing for it was usually his first job of the day, with a cup of coffee beside him. Even when he was taken into hospital, he told me to let readers know what had happened. He would be glad, I think, for me to keep posting. The ideas will be very different, because it’s from me.

Now is the time to tell my side of the story about life in leafy Chiba-ken.

A New Beginning – Edera at Little House In The Paddy.

This step to continuing Little House is no small thing. Every success Edera with your new beginning.

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One thought on “Little House Lives On”

  1. Thank you Rev. Mugo. Only with your encouragement was I able to step forward. I had a long walk this evening on my own and I realised how much I have been supported by you, your presence, your warmth and strength. If I were left alone in the house, I don’t know what I would have done to myself.

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