Looking Back Looking Forward

I like to think this rainbow ushers in a new dawn and hope it brings new interest and energy here. And some cheer too.

A rainbow arcs over the Borrowdale valley looking towards Derwent Water in the center of the English Lake District. Snapped by a fellow walker.

So, Jade Mountains Buddha Hall, this weblog, has transitioned into a new home and as with all moves there are changes. Change in appearance and by all accounts that seems to be welcomed. Changes to how features work – comments have been switched back on again and as always I welcome readers input. And for me there are behind-the scenes switches and levers I need to learn to master. For the record the banner photograph was taken by me while on a Sangha walk up to Nine Standard Rigg in Eastern Cumbria.

With the aid of the Internet Archive Wayback Machine I retrieved Jades original About page published some time in mid 2003. I didn’t write a lot back then however I was glad to see the post The Road Not Taken was logged in the archive and so I have pulled it back into the current site. And at such times as these, moving house, it is perhaps good to reflect on the original intention that inspired me to maintain an on-line presence in the first place. So here is my first post, The Entrenching Tool!

Last November reflecting, as now, on my on-line efforts I wrote the following:

Just as with the entrenching tool on first sight Jade might look like a joke or better put, a self-indulgence. A monastic going on about herself, Where’s the Buddhist teaching in THAT? One might well ask. Unfold the site, use it, and hopefully you will find it a useful tool. A good place to return to. But most importantly, Jades meta-message if you like, Buddhist practice is not something outside of daily living or confined within the walls of monastic practice. If that comes through then I’m happy.

Yep, I can stand by that. Please keep coming back.

And a HUGE thank you to Julius who was and is the moving hand behind this transition into a new house.

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12 thoughts on “Looking Back Looking Forward”

    1. Dave, Thank you so very much for the feedback. Glad you like it. Looking back on the old-look site I see how dull and dusty it looked compared to this look. Uh! what do I see out of the window, grey clouds looking suspiciously like….snow.

  1. Excellent site.
    Somewhat amused by the spam-filter as it assumes a unique answer. But square root 25 minus 1 also equals four. Can’t help it, it’s how my brain is wired!
    With bows

    1. Well Walter I don’t actually know where you saw a spam-filter. I guess it must have been when you wrote your comment. As you have left comments before your comments are not moderated however it looks like you did need to jump through a hoop to post. So be it.

  2. Very impressive new look and what I like most is that it now resizes for my phone! I’ll be able to read when travelling. In gassho, Tim

    1. Hi Tim, where on this earth are you? Well anyway I am glad you have discovered the ‘responsive’ feature of the new look site. Phones are handy are they not. I am almost at the place where I could write a short blog on my phone…..

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