Old Word For Age Old Problem

Out and about on a frosty day.
Who has not been awake, wide awake, in predawn and find ones mind engaged in plain old worry? I have. The old word for that condition is uhtceare. Doesn’t make one feel any better about it but giving it a name, and outing the fact that this happens to the best of us, perhaps helps with acceptance. Uht = before dawn and ceare = care.

On Book of The Week on Radio 4 there will be readings every morning at 9.45 am from the book The Horologicon, or book of hours. This book is slated to be this years alternative best selling Christmas book apparently. I listened to the reading this morning and it is packed with unpronounceable words describing everyday conditions such as waking up feeling rough – philogrobolized! And we all awaken by something; the central heating, an alarm, the neighbours truck struggling to start. This would be your expergefactor.

Yes, I like words. I don’t necessarily remember them when I come across new ones. Or in this case old ones. However it is the utter playfulness that spills in around words and word use that has me smiling. The author of The Horologicon Mark Forsyth writes a blog called Inky Fool with the most interesting and useful link list. If, that is, you are at all interested in words and writing generally.

The photograph is only slightly relevant to this post however I wanted to test out uploading large files and see how they rendered. I’d not been happy with the quality of photos on Jade for some time. I see an improvement. Somebody pointed out that the photographs can now be seen full size by clicking on them.

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