The Lost World Of Tibet

Each summer for a number of years I’d read Seven Years in Tibet by Heinrich Harrer as my renewal time reading. Now, with the advent of the Internet, and access to videos such as the one, I can get my Tibet fix without turning a page! Since I’m still in recovery mode, from the cough, I’m particularly glad to be able to watch this video – it is renewing. And might even aid my recovery too!

To those concerned people, and thanks for your well wishes by the way, I do seem to be getting a bit better although the cough is hanging on. Tenaciously.

Thanks to Dave from Yorkshire for mentioning this video to me. Much appreciated.

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8 thoughts on “The Lost World Of Tibet”

  1. Hope all goes well in your world Pascal. I’ve not looked in on your blog for some time now. I’m getting better – soon! Nice post on Secret Gassho by the way. We are all amazingly fortunate, to have found Buddhism – to have the where-with-all to sit still.

  2. Thanks Chris. I am attempting to get back to responding to comments. I’m responding…and glad to see you commenting.

  3. Michael. Canadian Michael I’m guessing, but could be wrong. As Chris said, it is sad to see and realize all of what is recorded is largely lost now. Things do move on and that’s not _all_ loss and sadness is it?

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