Going Around The World……

Where ever we are, when we go somewhere else we are going around the world. I guess. Just a thought! I did a bit of going around yesterday. First up onto the higher fells for a bit of up lift. Watching the paragliders lifting off into the air was quite something to watch. Part of me wondered if I’d ever do such a sport (that would be pre monastic life of course). And no, probably not. It was good to be up and looking out across the wide Eden Valley to the Pennines beyond. With my feet on the earth!

Later I went to Appleby, famous for the Appleby Horse Fair, which is coming up soon. Watch out grass, those ponies will be grazing everywhere they possibly can. And their free wheeling owners have been known to turn their ponies out onto farmers fields. Makes a certain kind of sense

Entering the town a small boy, with parents in tow, waved with happiness and called to me. I waved and called back. We all laughed together in recognition of…the delight of spontaneous friendliness. So good that such familiarity with strangers is possible still. The town seemed to be suffering from early closing, quite a few shops closed and it was only 3.30. My mission was to find an old fashioned video to post into the TV and watch one evening. As good fortune would have it I just made it into a charity shop as the doors were being locked. The video? Around the World in 80 Days with Michael Palin. Seeing the 1956 film of the same name, when I must have been nine or ten, probably ignited my longing to travel. Primarily my longing to go to Tibet!

Up coming travels, to Germany and on to North America, are beginning to have a ring of reality to them. In my mind at least. I’ll not being going by hot air balloon… But there are those who still want to lift off. I was with an elderly woman when she announced to her son that she wanted to Go up in one of those baskets for her 80th birthday present! I was impressed especially since she didn’t seem to be that robust physically. That spirit of adventure lives on in the older woman.

Uh! It’s Sunday night, (usually TV night in the monastery). Perhaps I’ll watch a Palin episode before turning in. A bit of going around the world.

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4 thoughts on “Going Around The World……”

  1. Appleby is always closed, always has been. It must be something in the water. I don’t ever remember going to Appleby and finding anything open, and certainly not after teatime!

    I never found a supermarket there either, although people must buy food somewhere. Penrith probably.

  2. Dear rev. Mugo

    Funny you should mention balloons. My family gave me two tickets for a balloon ride for my 70th birthday just last month. My wife and I are waiting for some warmer weather now.


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