Loyalty to the Moment

Ten more minutes and it will be the day after the Chinese New Year! Since 1997 Canada Poste has issued stamps to celebrate the Chinese Lunar New Year. The Dog is the eleventh Sign of the Chinese Zodiac. Here’s the new Canadian Year of The Dog stamp. It’s a beauty.

I’ve just been reading Dogen Zenji’s chapter from the Shobogenzo: Uji (The Theory of Time), Rev. Master Jiyu-Kennett’s translation in Zen is Eternal Life. This sentence relates to yesterdays posting:

“They travel fastest who are not there since arrival is hindered by arrival but quite definitely not hindered whilst on the journey: the journey is hindered by non-arrival but not hindered by arrival”.

Within this quote is the reason for training ‘as if one’s hair is on fire’. I was once given this teaching and it caused me to instantly drop a view I was about to expound on, at length. Sometimes it is good to pick up things and sometimes it is good to put them down.

Rejection is not part of the picture, loyalty to the practice is. Dogs are said to be loyal critters, bless ’em!

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