Luminous Treasure House – Buster

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It is your own brilliantly luminous Treasure House.

Let loose this brilliance through your eyes, (and)
you bathe the Buddha body and Buddha Land in splendor;

Buster bathes his Buddha body on a long walk in the Lake District in May of this year.
Have a thought for dear Buster tonight who struggles with his life. Cancer. This is the image I will hold for him in my mind. Buster happy in a puddle. On a walk. With his person who loves him.

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One thought on “Luminous Treasure House – Buster”

  1. Dear R.M.Mugo,
    Just now read your post in the field of Merit Newsletter and my eyes just filled up. Gosh, how animals get to you. Many tears I’ve shed for cats and dogs in the past, and the love we get from them is just without boundaries!
    Is that why we love them so much, because they love without expecting anything back? (oh, well, a nice walk or a bowl of juicy food). You know what I mean. They are just so very very vulnerable. My heart goes out to Buster, to you and to everyone else who loves him.
    With bows,

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