Meditation Mantra – #still4amo

Julius who sends in links quite regularly told me he is going to be on retreat for a month, starting 5.00 pm Sunday. That’s today. It’s not going to be an up-the-hill and off-grid kind of retreat. More carrying on daily life with work and the rest and at the same time injecting some serious intention to sit regularly, twice a day. When somebody does this I like to support them by adding more purposeful moments of sitting still in my day. Thus my still4amo mantra to remind me to – sit still for a moment! Literally. Want to join us?

I have my alarm set for 16.50 GMT to warn me to pull over if I am driving or simply find a place to sit. A bench in the street if necessary. I will then be sitting-for-a-mo at 5.00 GMT, one minute to be exact, in support of Julius’s efforts. Please join us and leave a comment if you plan to be still4amo. If 5.00 pm doesn’t work, choose another time. Commitment and intention go a long way, collective commitment and intention goes even further.

Morning frosts
by chilly river
…a bench.

It is thought to be helpful to meditate in the presence of others doing the same thing. If one can’t sit with a group then meditating at a time when others are meditating is a good idea. In the monastery here in Britain there is a meditation period at 8.10 pm for 40 mins. I know some people aim to sit formally at that time too.

Watch Moment Meditation for inspiration.

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22 thoughts on “Meditation Mantra – #still4amo”

  1. Thanks for the post Rev. Mugo.

    I’ll tweet occasionally during the month using the #still4amo hashtag. Anyone joining us in this retreat should feel free to do the same.

    Gassho to all.

  2. After a lovely stroll I was home in time to sit (with you all) at 5PM for 30mins. Sitting with others is indeed ‘good’. I’ve put my photos from my stroll on my Blog (link via my name in this comment). Frosty but bright. I am wondering what they would look like if I’d tried the Paper camera App. Umm, maybe I’ll have to give it a go.

  3. Some train in a world, were all there is,
    Is to retreat within and be washed through
    the world by that which is unborn

  4. …but did a minute’s sit with the video! That’s an awesome idea – reducing the length of the sit so it’s so small you can do it all the time. Hmmm.

  5. Dito thought from me Julius. I will be posting photos of benches during this month from my phone using #still4amo

    I have been contemplating the power of collective effort and then this morning while chanting the ancestral line….my understanding – expanded considerably!

  6. harmony is the Sangha Treasure. Harmonizing must be all part of it. But it’s amazing that you would check in at that time isn’t it. Hope you manage to sit regularly at around that time. I’m going to try for 30 mins when that’s possible. I’ll not be sitting in a layby on the side of the road for that long, but one minute would work!

  7. Dave,
    Thanks for the link to your photographs on your blog. They are looking good. Yes, you might want to try Paper Camera App…I enjoy it (for the moment). But like any other ‘toy’ it will be put in a cupboard sooner or later. Don’t seem to have much lasting interest in ‘playing’ with programms and the like. Just as well since there are more pressing things to do in my life.

  8. I am glad that sitting feels brand new. Sometimes a break can make all the difference. People take their meditation bench with them on holiday, I advise not. A change of pace is rather important given how days can be long and draining. Meditation is an energetic activity. Mad when you think it is simply ‘doing nothing’!

  9. You are a trouper PS. And I see you have a new van too. What’s the plan? You have been on-the-road for quite some time. Settle for a bit? Perhaps.

  10. Karen, glad you will be joining us on this mission to stop, sit and listen – 4amo! I’m enjoying it and 5.00 pm has taken on a whole new place in my day.

  11. Just sat for a mo with Dave. I was in awe of the fact that as we sat, my two spaniels, Harrie and Fliss, sat alertly by my side. ‘They want to sit still 4amo, too’, I said to Dave and then it dawned on me that what I usually do at 5 p.m. is feed them! Never mind, four of us sat (including the dogs) and now they are happily licking their lips! Bows to all who are sitting still, too.

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