In Memory of the Leo

The late and lovable Leo, Springer Spaniel from Idaho admiring himself.

One of the monks mentioned I’d not posted any photographs recently and so I’m taking this opportunity to show you this picture of a dog very dear to my heart. Here is an extract from an email I sent to his person today.

I was going to post a photo of Leo the other day. I’d come across a Cocker Spaniel tied up inside the bank. I got so hooked into it sitting there silently whining and then letting go a bit and straining to see her person at the teller, whining a bit like only Spaniels can do. When it came to my turn the teller had to call me three times before I realized it was my turn. I remember you or Linda telling me not to look at Leo or Lilly because then they kinda get you hooked into doing things for them. This dog wasn’t even looking at me, I just wanted it to! (So I’m still a sucker for a Spaniel and apparently still ready to serve.)

This foal popped its head over the wall giving me a pleasant surprise. Talking to a Sangha friend this afternoon she told me she was working towards getting her qualifications for doing Tellington Touch with horses. She already works wonders with camelids. To you and me that means Alpacas and Lamas. We share a love for all matters to do with horses and she already works wonders with horses without certificates.

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3 thoughts on “In Memory of the Leo”

  1. Hello, Mugo-san! Thank you for posting these adorable pictures of your animal friends. I always love photo postings from you. My supporting 5 dogs are too restless to be taken by a camera. Maybe they need more touches, I guess. This summer is too hot for both animals and humans in Japan, too. Take care.

  2. Horses with certificates? I’m all for ‘higher’ education but surely that’s a hand or hoof too far Rev. Mugo…

    Now someone is going to write about degrees in dressage, I just know it!

    in gassho

  3. Oh whoops! Well spotted Iain. There are probably a whole lot more such bloopers. Just all part of the home spun charm…

    And thanks also to our other friend in Japan. I am glad you like the photographs. My connection seems to have picked up in the last few days so perhaps there will be a few more photos.

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