Merit Bench

Here is a stone seat at the top of the field put together by somebody in memory of their mother. A merit bench.

This lunch time I sat up there looking out across the valley. Warm enough to go without hat and coat, sun shining. How fortunate to have open space.

I like to think sitting quietly on this bench invites merit, spiritual merit, to circulate in the world.

Maybe you have a ‘merit bench’; in a park, woodland, bus stop, at home?

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11 thoughts on “Merit Bench”

  1. What a lovely way to think of the many similar benches given to parks in memory of people’s loved ones. I look forward to sending on merit from the bench I will rest on later today.

    1. Another beautiful sunny day today. Clouding up next week. We are so fortunate to be living here. Reaching out, reaching out – while remaining here/still.

  2. Thanks for keeping in touch Reverend Mugo,

    early yesterday morning
    sitting on an old wooden bench
    by the river bank at kirkstall abbey
    feeling the water of compassion

    all around
    nature’s awakening
    winters of deep sleep

    am reminded of something ‘a monk ‘ said some years ago ” good will prevail” …. Yes, these past couple of weeks people reaching out and helping one another in so many ways.

    1. Lovely Treasa. Can I publish your poem with my next ‘bench photograph’? Yes, the good will prevail, without fail. I think that is one of the ‘laws of the universe’. I’ll look it up.

      1. Yes, It seems that all 5 laws of the universe apply to this whole situation:
        1.The world is not answerable to one’s personal will
        2. All things flow
        3. Karma is inexorable
        4.Evil is vanquished and good prevails
        5.The will to enlightenment: the intuitive knowledge of the Buddha Nature occurs in all.
        With an emphasis on numbers 4 and 5.
        Thank you Treasa & Rev Mugo.

  3. And
    Sending lots of merit to loved ones all over the world that don’t have a choice to stay at home ( unless self isolating or classed as high risk) are working for the good of all and experiencing staff shortages.

    may they stay safe and well.

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