Merit for Mothers

The Buddha taught that the offering of merit is the power of ‘good’, which helps in the alleviation of suffering. I know of a number of mothers who are in need of merit at the moment. If they are alive, or not, all will benefit from the gift of giving, the giving of ones opened heart.

The Athabaska River near Jasper, Alberta.

I was fortunate enough to travel into the Canadian Rockies over this last week-end. January 1st would have been my mothers 98th birthday, she loved to be out of doors in the mountains. Uh! You think they will live for ever, but they don’t.

May the merit of these photographs be offered to her and to all of those who gave the gift of a human body.

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2 thoughts on “Merit for Mothers”

  1. Thanks, my mother is 81 tomorrow: you remind me to make that extra effort. Just another trip round the sun, I tell her, no-one is counting.
    A New Year bow to you, Reverend Master.

  2. I love that Walter, “another trip around the sun…”

    Remember that image of a monk looking over his shoulder and saying “stop dawdling”. What was the story there? I hope it was Maitreya. At the moment that image is stowed away in an attic in Throssel and out of reach.

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