Mind Your Step!

Sitting and waiting. Waiting for the next flight which will take me that bit closer to my destination. That’s Germany and the Black Forest. There to stay for three weeks in a temple of the order run by a monk I ‘grew up’ with at Shasta Abbey. I am glad and grateful to have this chance to ‘boot down’ for a short time. These past weeks have been exceptionally involved for me. Several people near and far calling to my heart as well as admin. needing attention.

I plan to devote time to contemplating this and that and if there is something I can share here I will do so. There will be photos for sure.

Meanwhile ‘watch your step’! A mantra chanted at the start and end of moving walkways. Just part of the sound scape which is all airport buzz, hum and whirling luggage wheels.

It is good to be thinking of Jade readers and to have time and brain space to do that.

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