The Ten Decisions – Scripture of Brahma’s Net

So as not to neglect my thought, which is still there, to talk about the Ten Decision here they are for your Sunday contemplations. The idea is not to measure oneself up against them. Please! More take them into your heart and make them your intention, which is a decision in itself. Renewing ones intention each day goes a very long way.

See the two previous posts referencing The Scripture of Brahma’s Net. The text within these two posts prepare the ground for Vairochana to state The Ten Decisions listed below. 1) )The Devas Also Felt Apprehensive and then 2) What Caused This Radiance?

Then Vairochana Buddha, enthroned upon His lotus pedestal which contains all worlds, responded in detail to what the ten billion Shakyamunis of the thousand Shakyamunis had asked concerning the various aspects of the Foundations of Training, saying, “Buddhas know that, within a disciple’s patience and equanimity born from resolute faith, the Ten Decisions will point the Buddhist trainee towards the fruition of Buddhahood, namely making the following decisions:

  1. to renounce everything worldly,
  2. to observe the Precepts,
  3. to practice equanimity,
  4. to make a diligent effort,
  5. to concentrate the mind through meditation,
  6. to cultivate wise discernment,
  7. to be resolute,
  8. to be protective of Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha,
  9. to be bright-minded,
  10. to strive towards That Which is the Highest

The Scripture of Brahma’s Net, Buddhist Writings, Shasta Abbey Press. With thanks.

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