The Minds Eye

‘Eyes In The Back Of The Head’ from Mugo on Vimeo.

This is a greeting from the woods of Washington. Recorded a couple of weeks ago. At least. And you should know I am talking about something that is common to all. The faculty of sight that is not reliant on the physical eyes and more on sense.
Now in Montana and ready to get back at it.

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3 thoughts on “The Minds Eye”

  1. Rev Mugo
    Thank you for your words and videos.

    This one reminds me of time spent learning about the world through the eyes of people who are, what we commonly call blind.

    It’s good to be able to see and hear you and get a sense of where you are on your travels in the world at large.

    I sit here each day and look out of the window, same window, same scene but ever changing. I look into my lap-top. Same laptop yet always different. I see you so close and yet so far away.

    I find it all a bit of a mystery . . .and yet. . .quite ordinary!

    In gassho

  2. Oooh… is that a pang of ‘home’ sickness I just had. Dappled shade in woodland, looked very much like a track in local woodland back ‘home’.

    What I think I see, feel and remember, indra’s net and much more make’s many things feel like ‘home’

    In gasho, Kevin

  3. Just up watching the CBS Sunday Morning…how nice to see it and then we are taking my Dad for brunch. I think there might be a connection to a poem I wrote the morning after my Mom’s death with the ideas of “seeing”:

    The humming-
    Bird came
    Early morning after
    You died
    An emerald
    In the clear sky
    The humming-
    Bird away
    A jewel
    Not seen
    With our eyes
    But there
    In the Clear Sky.

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