Remarkably Non-Vocal

Simon after grooming session

He appears in the kitchen at just before four in the afternoon. It’s clear that now is an OK to get out the FURminator and have at it. This little gadget is so good at getting out the undercoat of cats and dogs that shed I just have to give it a mention.

Long time readers may remember the post Cat and Moose in which Simon featured. He is still the happy cat he was two years ago, and remarkably non-vocal too.

Photo note: To get a sharp image of a cat after, or during, a grooming session is almost impossible. This is the best I could do.

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2 thoughts on “Remarkably Non-Vocal”

  1. Mr. Beauregard wishes his wholehearted approval of the device to be posted here. His is a gorgeous shade of purple. This is major hairball time, twice a day furmination for the big gray fuzzball, who is very happy although not at all non -vocal! Thank you, Simon, for sharing your enthusiasm.

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