Monasticism and the Environment

Gethsemani III / Monasticism and the Environment. All of the talks given at this gathering mentioned a few days ago can be downloaded as MP3 files. The following is a small part taken from the statement issued at the end of the conference.

We renew our commitment to the sacredness of the earth, relating to it as a community, not a commodity.

A monk from our Order gave a presentation titled, Monasticism vis-à-vis the consumer society: The Monastic Instinct to Revere, to Conserve, To Be Content with Little, and to Share.

Gassho to Urban Dharma for posting the material so briskly.

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One thought on “Monasticism and the Environment”

  1. Dear Rev. Master Mugo,
    Thanks for providing the links – to hear the talks transported me there. I’ll put the remainder on my mp3 player for my walks from the station next week. Please thank Rev. Eko: I may never meet him, but I met him today through his teaching. He reminds me to be positive in the face of the truly dangerous problem we face. On a day when future prices for oil reach $135, it may be that the market will force a correction in how we treat our planet, but I think we are too far down the road now for quick fixes, and the political vision is too short-sighted
    Thanks for the pictures from the monastery too! Flowers do what flowers do – that’s enough.
    In gassho

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