The Refuge Without Compare

Roger, one of the Eugene Buddhist Priory cats, sits unmoving between the Oxherd pictures and the world news.
Out for a walk today beside the river in Eugene. Returned to find my companion’s car broken into and looted. Together we two meditators managed to keep our heads and do the right things in a timely fashion. Merit for Margaret much appreciated.
He once roamed the streets of Jackson County, now a companion to an elderly woman and her daughter in Eugene. Indoors he is cute, outdoors he is still king of the road.

The last Oxherd picture can be seen on the right of Roger in the first photograph. It shows a joyful person, perhaps dancing in the street! Somehow that sums up my day, which might seem odd all things considered, but that’s the way it is.

The refuge of the Sangha is without compare. Thank you good sisters and brothers, near and far.

I’m sorry that I’ve not been able to respond to comments recently.

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3 thoughts on “The Refuge Without Compare”

  1. very painful to also be “stolen from your peace of mind’ when returning from u walk by the riverside.
    I hardly dare to put the question here, but I’m serious and feel sincere in my intention: is this looting (outside) the Buddha’s influence?
    getting angry the answer would be no, saying yes makes me a bit scary.


  2. Dear Wick,
    Thank you for taking the time to respond to this posting. My immediate thought is to answer Yes. My answer is yes and I can understand why you might think that is scary. The Buddha’s influence, however one might conceptulise those words, goes deeper and yet embraces those life events that get our attention. I was talking about the Great Ocean of Meditation yesterday and… well sorry to say I need to stop right there. I’d have liked to leave a longer response however I need to write some emails before traveling this morning since I don’t know when I’ll next have an internet connection.

    I will add however that the car break-in has caused me to think more carefully about the security of my stuff and take appropriate precautions. Although I only had my empty day pack and a few small items stolen the event still feels like a violation. For those who have had greater and more violent losses I can only have huge sympathy.

  3. wow, an immediate yes!
    reading your respons rev. Mugo helps me to allow myself to “leap byond the scary yes”. I feel ‘yes’now more and deeper.
    thank you very much!

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