Monty the Tortoise

Here is Monty the Tortoise, bless him. Here caught on camera blissfully chewing the rubber sole of my shoe!

Here below education on our ancient friends. Their shells are rather interesting, Here. if you are interested.

At some point — let’s just say around 260 million years ago — Earth got turtles. They look strange in these modern, mammalian times when lots of things are squishy and unarmored. But during the Late Permian Epoch, the early turtles were dressed in all the latest fashions: short, sturdy legs, bony plates and a stiff, splayed, crawling strut.

Here’s the thing. We do not judge a ‘creature by it’s covering’. That’s across the board, for all creatures. Merit for all those who are judged thus, do judge thus. And are suffering as a consequence. I guess that covers ‘all creatures’.

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2 thoughts on “Monty the Tortoise”

  1. He’s a fine tortoise. Here in Greece I am always rescuing huge tortoises as they cross the road. They have been on this mountain since ancient times and they know their ancient tortoise pathways across the terrain. Nothing will persuade them to change direction or destination. So we help them along.

    1. Love the image of these noble creatures carrying on life as it has always been. Monty came out this morning after a rough day yesterday – cold and wet. His ‘person’ tells me he ‘hunkers down’ in such conditions.

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