William James – Attend to the Present Moment in Time

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Let any one try, I will not say to arrest, but to notice or attend to, the present moment of time. One of the most baffling experiences occurs. Where is it, this present? It has melted in our grasp, fled ere we could touch it, gone in the instant of becoming.

William James in The Principles of Psychology Chapter 15 Perception of Time.

This past week I’ve had space, and time to read, William James has been my companion. Apart from anything else I enjoy his turn of phrase. I find it poetic.

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2 thoughts on “William James – Attend to the Present Moment in Time”

  1. My father had a copy of William James’ classic, The Varieties of Religious Experience on his shelves, which I read when I was in my early 20s. Brilliant mind and a brilliant book!

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