More Reading than Writing!

Downtown Whitefish, Montana
Downtown Whitefish, Montana

Here road weary and with nasty cold. Each day since I arrived in Whitefish I’ve struggled into the outdoors and walked. There’s snow but not much, the temperature is below freezing but not too much. There’s wild life aplenty. Deer running and leaping free across snowy fields towards the railway lines. Wild turkey hanging out in the neighbourhood scratch out a living. Yesterday I found myself standing in the road stopping a car so a lagging-behind turkey crossed safely.

Weaving in and out of my days, and nights as I cough and sneeze has been a book titled A Tale For the Time Being by Ruth Ozeki. Not a book to read in the middle of the night when you’re unwell since some of the content is a bit heavy-duty. However it’s a thoughtful book where time features, life and death feature, Zen Master Dogen’s teaching on time is there too. Oh, and it’s funny.

train tracks at Whitefish
train tracks at Whitefish

Just recently I discovered the panoramic feature on my phone. Click on the photograph to view full size.

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3 thoughts on “More Reading than Writing!”

  1. I really enjoyed “A tale for the time being”. Rare to find a book which figures Dogen so prominently – and Zen female monks as characters to be emulated!
    Hoping that you are well. I enjoy your posts.,

  2. Hi Rev. Mugo;
    I also liked the novel, it took a bit to settle into the flow of it for me but worth persevering. Great road trip! (I do love me a good road trip.) Best wishes to all you are meeting on the road.
    In gassho

  3. As it turns out, I am about 2/3 of the way through Ozeki’s book, A Tale for the Time Being. It is rich, funny and pretty engrossing. Perfect reading for frosty days, I’d say. Having a cold in the cold makes one wonder why they are called by the same words. Do please take good care of yourself.

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