Wild Life

East Second Street
East Second Street

She stood still beside a tree, became the tree, while the herd of Bison passed by. The Grizzly Bear circled the camp several times in the night while we all remained on high alert, including the horses.

I gazed up into the tree and saw a large bird with a white head and tail feathers with a flock of small birds taunted it from branches higher up. Below a dead deer beside the road. Only later did I discover I’d sighted the famous Bald Eagle which is both National Bird and National Animal of the USA. Like so many wild life encounters one doesn’t remember to reach for a camera. In my case I thought I was looking at a large dejected crow with a white head!

Being here in Montana, hearing wild life stories and close encounters and my mild, and ultra safe encounters, can’t help but bring to heart and mind the gift these creatures give us. An organization called Vital Ground helps the gift of our wild friends to keep on giving by protecting and restoring North America’s grizzly bear populations by conserving wildlife habitat. Doug Chadwick founding board member of Vital Grounds lives locally. He is as inspiring as the wild creatures he loves and brings natural humility to his table. That’s along with an engaging sense of fun and an unfettered spirit.

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