New Dharma Talks On-Line

I believe this is one of the new Dharma talks uploaded to the Throssel Hole Buddhist Abbey website today. And it wasn’t easy either. Our internet connection has been erratic all this week. The 2010 calendar of events is also available as a pdf for download. Our web editor monks is excelling herself.

Happiness as a Factor of Enlightenment
In Buddhism, happiness is one of the factors that give rise to enlightenment. In order to penetrate the depths of meditation, we need some stability and for this we need happiness. Rev. Master Daishin explores how this happiness is found by not following distraction and creating disturbances in our own minds. He also shows how happiness leads on to equanimity, as we move from taming the passions to undercutting their basis, so that we let go of a person who is happy. We can know that to meditate is Sitting Buddha – we don’t have to get rid of or grasp after anything.

Please send feedback to the web editor via the contact form on the Throssel website.

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One thought on “New Dharma Talks On-Line”

  1. Thanks Rev Mugo for flagging up the new talk; very interesting and useful.
    Good to know about the new calendar too; Clare had been hoping Jukai was after the end of March so she’d have enough holidays for it.

    In gassho, Kevin

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