No Hiding Place

Bit more
and more
and more…

Sometimes one sticks ones head above the parapet, bit by bit. Later. No parapet.

As for #sill4amo today. I forgot! Then later I remembered. Sometimes that’s the best one can do. Glad so many people are still-for-a-mo still. It has been a week now. Three more weeks to go and photographs are coming in of benches and chairs you are still on.

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4 thoughts on “No Hiding Place”

  1. I love these pictures and smile each time I look at them. I am reminded of myself when I look in the mirror: not really looking at the physical reflection but rather the inner awareness that unveils itself to me when I truly “look.” One cautionary step at a time is sometimes wise…take care, thank you, be well and warm this season especially…

  2. And you be well and warm this season too dear Anna. Not too much seriously bad weather this year where you are I understand. At least the trees are not falling over all over the street. Hopefully!

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