Together With….

Bench Vancouver, BC Canada
and bench Seattle, Washington USA

It seem that winter has reached the west coast of Canada and the US. I believe it is quite unusually for there to be snow in Seattle and Vancouver, but here is poof that they have it. Lovely benches too and thank you to you two #still4amo participants for them.

My afternoon has had me multi tasking right up to 5.00 pm. However when the moment came I just stopped what I was doing. That’s emailing back and forth with somebody and messaging back and forth with another somebody while worrying I’d lost a years worth of data. I did set the Online Timer which is a really helpful tool to use. One minute goes SO quickly.

Anybody who imagins a monks life is removed from the hurly burly of daily life, is mistaken. (At least for today anyway.) Anybodies life is engaged with what’s there. Sometimes what’s there is… a lot at once.

And there is snow on the hill tops around where I am.

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